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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The babies are getting big!

Hey there mom! Belle wants to know what what goodies I'm bringing her today! She's a little more comfortable coming out of the den box and leaving the girls alone for a little.

And look who else wants to check out the outside world! You can imagine my surprise when I saw this little head pop up! It was so quick the camera didn't have time to focus, but it's cute anyway!

Then momma Belle came along and dragged Bella back're not going anywhere yet young lady! ha ha (as Bella tries desperately to hold on and stay put!)

Belle had her hands full with that one! She's at the stage where she wants to play and explore!

Macy pretty much just slept through it all until a playful Bella started pouncing on her and woke her up!

As soon as Macy catches up to speed with Bella I think the release window will get opened and Belle can decide what is best for the family. I'm going to miss watching them grow! (and worry about them constantly!!)

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