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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Introducing Buster.

Here is one of the new kids! This is Buster. Something happened to his mom, but we don't know what. He was found wandering in the area of a barn where mom's den was known to be. We thought he was reunited after he was left out Friday night and gone the next morning. But on Sunday he reappeared wandering the woman's yard. And unfortunately 2 other siblings were found dead in the road. He was a little dehydrated and hungry...but none the worse for wear!

Then I got a call today from the woman that found him. They just found 2 more! Buster still has some siblings!

His 2 brothers are not in as good shape as he was. They are very dehydrated and thin, and one of them has puss leaking out of one eye and a swollen front leg. They are in the process of getting rehydrated and the injured little guy will be visiting the vet tomorrow. Poor things...they've been without mom since at least Friday! The 2 new brothers are pretty active and alert considering their condition, and eagerly drinking their fluids, so hopefully they will do well.

Here are a couple other new kids that have come our way. Mary has this cutie pie! How cute!! Momma was evicted from her the garage or shed I think, I can't remember. Mom was seen by some leaving with a trail of babies, but this little girl was found later. Apparently she got separated or fell off mom in the move.

JoAnn has taken on these precious bundles. There are 3 chippies all together. A house was being demolished and the chimney brought down. The workers found these guys under the rubble! Amazing...not a scratch on them. They are in great shape so they were most likely orphaned as the chimney came down, therefore they were not without mom for very long at all! 13 tiny grams!! Wow! Good luck didn't want any sleep this week anyway, did ya!? Ha ha.

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