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Friday, May 16, 2008

Popeye returns.

Here's Popeye working his way back to his cage this morning. I watched him go from tree to tree and finally back into his favorite hammock in the cage. He has been returning to the cage to sleep during the days, but this time I noticed him limping. I think he picked one fight to many out there. He's got a good gash in his rear leg and he's limping on a front leg as well.

I let him get settled into his hammock then closed up the cage. He's going to have to stay in so I can keep an eye on him...can't leave him out there gimpy on 2 legs! He doesn't seem to mind being back ....all the comforts of home and all. Since it's pouring out there tonight, he's pretty happy to be high and dry in his hammock! Didn't see anyone else out there and really haven't had a lot of time to spend out there waiting for them to visit....all the new babies are keeping me busy and tired!! I hope everyone has a dry place to snuggle in!

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