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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 More!

Add 3 more boys to the mix! This little guy came in last night. Very skinny and dehydrated but what a set of lungs on him! He's had some goopy eyes so I'm keeping a close eye on that. He's very sweet and taking his bottle like a good boy!

I just got 2 more boys this evening. They are in great shape and I think they were the result of a kidnapping...someone thought they would make cute little pets when they found them last Thursday and kept them until animal control got wind of it and brought them to me today. Right now they are getting warm and settled and I'll give them a better exam soon.

The little boy Laurie gave me is doing great. What a sweetheart! I'm calling him Clover now. Laurie has a group of girls named after spices and he was originally going to join that theme, but being a boy she called him Clovis. I didn't have the heart to do that to him! HA Ha! I figure Clover is neutral enough and that way none of the other kids will make fun of him!

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