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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The gang gets released!

It's official now...Foxy, Popeye, Daisy, Buddy, Whitey and Screech are free raccoons! And they are enjoying it thoroughly as you can see in just a few of the pics I got of their antics.

I can't even begin to describe how silly they were running around like maniacs. Buddy enjoyed splashing around in the pond and Popeye starting causing trouble with the other resident coons as they started showing up. He's already got a got some minor battle scars!
Red and Feisty showed up for a brief visit and in the middle of it all, Laurie and I had to head out to rescue a momma opossum and her babies curled up on the side of a road. We picked her up and there were babies everywhere! She is doing great now. Mary has her in a nice safe, cozy cage. She is thin and tired...but has already rested and eaten a good meal and should do well in her care while she raises her babies in safety.

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