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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Overrun with babies!

Ok...I'm up to 14 right now and one more coming Friday. Buster, Seeker, Tugger & Growler have been moved to bigger cages out in the shed. They are starting to eat solid foods luckily so they should wean easily within the next few weeks. The 2 kidnap boys are out there as well still in a smaller cage and too young for solids for a while yet, but doing great and eating well.

I needed to make room for the new litter of 4 that just came in! Their mother was found dead in the wall near their nest. They have now joined the gang downstairs....Tosser, Mohican, Clover and Teddy as I have come to call the little guy with goopy eyes.

Teddy's eyes are clear and fine, but unfortunately he has had a couple of seizures in the last 24 hours. He is not thriving like he should be after the care he as gotten so I'm a little worried about him and keeping a very close watch.

In 4 days Mohican's quarantine will be over and he will be able to join Tosser so they will no longer be alone.

As you can imagine we have become overwhelmed with babies. Laurie has about 10 herself and we just can't handle them all. Mary has 3 as well, but also a full house with squirrels, opssums and other critters. No one else in our area takes the coonies so we fill up fast. Thank goodness for our friend and fellow rehabber in the western part of the state...she is going to help lighten the load and take the litter of 4 and a single to go with a single she has in her care!!! Just in time to prevent a nervous breakdown! Ha!

I have been too busy to sleep and eat, much less get pictures of the gang...but I promise to try. I know no one has seen Clover or the kidnap pair yet..they are very cute! (But then again what little coonie kit isn't!)

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