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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The kids are big & ready to go soon!

Wow! Look how big Belle's little charges have gotten! Bella is already exploring outside the denbox.... when she can get past her mom without being dragged back in that is! As soon as I get a few moments to rig a tree branch to climb out on, I'll be opening the release window so Belle can decide what to do with them next! It's going to be tough watching them go and not being able to protect them myself...but Belle will handle that well I'm sure!

Well the crew of 4 are safe and sound in Dawn's hands in western MA. Thanks so much Dawn for helping out with our precious cargo! (and to your friends who helped transport them to you!)

I only sent the 4, Clover is having pooping "issues"' and Teddy is doing great, but didn't want to send him just in case. She has enough to deal with herself and don't want to add to it with a single having any medical issues right now.

Down to 14 now and going to have to hold there for now!

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