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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Belle gives us a peek & Ringer visits.

Well Belle finally gave me a good peek at the kids! Wow....look at how big they are. Look at Bella. I can't believe that's my little girl! It's such a beautiful sight. Belle is taking very good care of them. very cute!

Bella is a little more rambunctious than Macy right now. Macy will catch up quick though...she's about a week and a half younger than Bella. Bella was trying very hard to get Macy to play here to no avail. Macy just wanted to sleep!

Ringer was here for her usual visit. She hung around for some yummy avocado from mom! It's one of her favorites! That and chicken wings. Good stuff for a lactating mom.

A quick high five for mom..thanks for the treats, and up the tree she went to hang out in her favorite knothole.

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