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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Clover & Teddy and the rundown.

The magic number now is 18!! I am totally overrun by baby raccoons! Holy cow! Here is the rundown....we have Clover, a very sweet little boy who loves his bottle! He is just adorable.

Then we have the kidnap twins. No names yet, both boys and EXTREMELY LOUD!! Almost impossible to get them to sit still for even 1 second so this is the best it gets with pics!

Then there is the crew you already met....Teddy, who is doing much better. No new seizures, eating well and everything coming out the other end the way it should! and he's gaining weight like he should be.

Growler and Tugger eating some solid foods which helps at feeding times with this huge crew!

Buster and Seeker also eating soaked chow very well! Doing a good job with crunchy chow too now.

Mohican leaping out the cage door when I open it for feeding! He's very active, that one!

And last but definitely not least...our little Tosser. What a doll!

Here we have the crew of 4 that will be heading to a fellow rehabber on Tuesday to help lighten the load! They are doing great, using the bottle and adorable. Their mom was found dead in a wall near the nest at the old Fort Devens and they rescued the babies. Clover may also be going with them. I hate to part with him, but she it taking a single as well and he is the best option. I don't want to send Teddy on if he has problems obviously.

I just got another set of 4 since last night. A little older than the crew above. The mom was trapped and relocated (illegally I might add!), leaving these little guys behind to fend for themselves. I was able to grab 3 last night from the hollow tree that was their den, but 1 moved out of reach and I couldn't get him. He finally came down today and has since been reunited with his siblings. All doing great and I'm in the process of tracking down someplace for them to go. I am just too overwhelmed with 18's just me playing mom to all these critters, having a full time job and not to mention the older gang outside to care for too!

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