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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The boys meet the girls.

Buster, Seeker, Tugger and Growler are officially together in one big happy group now! Aside from a little competition over the bowls at feeding time, they are getting along great. Tugger is the smallest of them all but I tell ya, she is definitely the boss!! I don't have to worry about her getting pushed around.

The gang finishes up their dinner with a little dry kibble to forage and crunch on.

Seeker seems to like eating from atop his favorite orange stuffie!

Buster I drink it or play in it?.... while atop the water bowl. Luckily he chose to drink it this time....less mess for me to pick up!

And the ever tough Tugger talks to mommy while I take her picture!

Clover has also been moved out to an adjoining cage to this rowdy crew so he can get used to them and eventually join them as well. He'll be so thrilled to have someone to play with finally!

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