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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Introducing Mohican, Tugger and Growler.

First a little look at how much Tosser is growing! He's doing great and getting bigger every day!

Here is Mohican. A little boy found wandering on the ground a few days after mom was found hit in the road. He has a perfect mohawk up his back, the fur facing the opposite way like a Rhodesian ridge back, so Mohican seemed appropriate! He's doing great, just a little scrape on his nose.

Here we have the girls Tugger and Growler. Two sisters found wandering the streets after repeated attempts to find mom it became apparent she was not around and they were rescued. Growler gets mad when she gets put back into her cage while her sister eats and gives little growl of disapproval. She is the larger, darker girl.

And last but not least....Tugger, a very sweet playful little girl!

She was determined to drag my camera into her cage to keep for herself. We ended up in a game of tug of war in my attempts to reclaim the camera strap. It was so funny....she was grabbing it and yanking on it growling and shaking her head like a dog with a tug toy does! The name Tugger was a given after that! A lot of spunk in a tiny little package, that one is!

The girls are doing great and even starting to eat soaked chow left in their cage. Buster and Seeker are doing great as well, a little older than the girls and also eating soaked chow left in their cage. In 2 weeks time the girls will get to meet the older boys and all go together and Tosser and Mohican will each finally have a companion when they are put together.

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